Monday, April 25, 2011

Golden Gate & Garlic Breath

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First stop : Alcatraz Island.  I guess I didn’t know much about the history of this illusive place – and was not as interested as apparently ALL of the other tourists in the city.  We thought “maybe we’ll take one of those ferry boat tours,” but tickets were sold out for the next two weeks.

Instead, we made crazy faces at the island from afar.

Next up, a long walk around the bay.  Where we saw this adorable boy drumming away for donations to benefit the Japan Relief Fund.  I struggle daily with the thought that most people don’t spend enough of their time or money helping each other… so I was so pleased to see this.  Now if I can only impart some of this zeal in some of my students at Santa Fe College.

Next stop, a snack before dinner at the Crab House.  Something about San Francisco and, well, any coast makes Wayne crave seafood like nothing else.  What was cool about this place was that the menu was done like a recipe book.  Instead of meal descriptions it taught us how to make everything!

The same people own The Crab House as the place where we later had dinner, which we didn’t realize until Wayne put on his bib. :)  On the way to dinner we got to experience nighttime China Town, which is way prettier than daytime China Town!

P.S. Oh hey, Kristyn Bat… can we please make these for Christmas?

And last but not least, we ate at this AMAZING restaurant called The Stinking Rose. It’s a “Garlic Restaurant” and we left reeking but soooo satisfied!  My gnocchi was perfection and Wayne couldn’t stop raving about his meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he is trying to model his meatloaf after this stuff now.

Happy Campers!


Delicious Roasted Garlic Appetizer that went perfectly with their fresh baked rolls!

The infamous meatloaf!

My delicious gnocchi!

We would both HIGHLY recommend both the Crab House and the Stinking Rose if you’re ever in San Francisco.  Both were amazing.  And you can tell because of Wayne’s approval face…

♥ Jessa

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

San Francisco 2.0

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After a couple of days in San Francisco whenever we passed by someone who was taking tourist pictures with a DSLR camera Jessa would get all upset and say "I'm jealous of them!" This continued on and eventually we both realized that there was only one solution to this onset of envy and jealousy, so we set out to buy one on the walk back from the pier. I used my phone to plot us a course through Chinatown and down towards our hotel that would take us by many camera shops; some the standard tourist trap places and others that were actually legitimate camera stores.

The first store we stopped in was probably a front for some eastern European crime syndicate. The store was completely empty and there were at least 10 guys staffing the place, all with accents as thick as their chest hair. He didn't have what I wanted but he did have annoying high pressure sales tactics.

As we continued to walk through Chinatown we spotted another store on our route.  This time we were greeted by some gentlemen of a South American flavor. This store also doesn't have the camera we want or the price point, but this guy seem's bound and determined to come up with something that is in our price range.

I entertained him for the time being, because I figured that if he could come up with a decent DSLR in my price range than listening was worth my time.  Turns out I was wrong.  He proceeded to try to heckle me into spending more than I wanted to, had us wait around for a non existant camera being brought from some mysterious storage space, and then got shady mcshaderson on us.  At this point I was annoyed, and had already begun being agressive with him.  Pretty much all I want to do is to punch him in the face but when he says "one sec, one sec, just one more thing,"  I wait.

The camera he pulled out looked nice enough, took great photos, and was in our price range. I took a moment and tried to pull up some reviews on my phone, to do some research before making the purchase. I also wanted to inspect the product in the box and make sure that everything was functional, etc...   While I was looking up these reviews and ensuring that everything was in working order, he grabbed the credit card off the counter and tried to run the card! Lucky for me it was flagged as fraud and my card company declined it. You can imagine how upset I was at this point, and it took all of my effort not to throw this man into his piles of cheap luggage.

We continued our walk through Chinatown and eventually ended up back at our hotel. We still have no camera, and I'm so angry that I want to beat up random people holding cameras.  It was probably best that we decided to end the search for the camera for the day and instead nap before dinner and drinks.

The next day, as we left the hotel in the morning we asked the front desk staff where a Best Buy or something similar was. He directed us to a camera store a few blocks from the hotel that was owned and operated by this group of what Jessa calls "cute old men". You could tell that the vibe was completely different the second you walked in.  I told them my price point, they showed me my options, they were polite, friendly, and respectful guys. They even managed to sell me on a lens filter and they threw in a free lens hood to sweeten the deal.

After we got the camera we went back to the hotel to let the battery charge before we headed out to the Golden Gate bridge. While at the hotel we decided to take silly pictures of the guest robes that come with the room.

Up next Golden Gate + garlic breath ... stay tuned!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Riotous Living Etsy Updates

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I'm up too late because we napped today so instead of getting a full night's sleep I'm updating my etsy. :) Two new dresses went up this week and a brand new banner! I'm not terrific at Photoshop so please let me know what you think!


And here are the new dresses.  Click through to the etsy shop if you'd like to see more!  Plus I have many more to come. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to take pictures of two amazing 80s dresses and a pair of high waisted shorts that I've managed to get my grubby paws on lately. :)

I'm lucky to have such gorgeous lady friends to model for me.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

San Francisco 1.0

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While we were in San Francisco we spent most of our time outside.  Apparently it had been raining for weeks but, obviously, the Floridians brought the sunshine in and we had the most AMAZING weather the entire 5 days we were there. It's almost like San Francisco was begging me to fall in love with it.

One of the first things we did was check out their amazing Saturday farmer's market.  Much larger, more bustling, more organic, and more expensive than any I've been to before. :)  We cobbled together an amazing all natural lunch.

Naval Orange, Blood Orange, Snap Peas, Fresh Bread and Croissant, Triple Cream Cheese from a local shop, Pomegranate Juice and this AMAZING homemade Dark Chocolate Peanut Brittle.

It was enough for two full meals and made us super happy campers.

It helped that we ate on a pier with this gorgeous view...

What we need to bring back with us is their public recycling efforts.  On every trash can was a little area for plastic bottles and cans, and this particular area was near the farmer's market.

I was suitably impressed. By their eco-consciousness, by their farmer's market, by their weather... There was even a group of young daddy's who hung out with their babies and strollers on the bench next to us, which made Wayne laugh.  It's all just so hip and so welcoming.

Gratuitous couple shot with the view.  This activity was probably my favorite of the entire trip, which is why there are so many pictures...

Up next... New camera + playing with the new camera. :)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Travel to San Francisco

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:) We love the Cowboys! :)

I got really excited about being around Cowboys gear.  This unattractive face is the result.


We had, quite literally, the most delicious airport food ever in the Dallas/ Fort Worth airport.  Things not picture... that amazing food, a fantastic escalator that went up up up into the sky, awesome high fives with strangers while on those fantastic escalators.

What is pictured?

Leaving a good book at the airport for someone bored to find and read. :)  It says "This is a good book.  Read it... if you're bored.  It's yours now."  We put the Riotous Living web URL in the book, so we'll see if anyone finds it and feels like updating us. :)

Also pictured is us happy after reaching our destination...

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