Birthday Week/end

12 Jul, 2015

I know some people demand a whole month for their birthdays and some demand at least a week but I honestly forgot that my birthday was coming up until it was pretty much upon us, so I settled for a weekend. 🙂 Early that week our #home served as a place to crash for some old acquaintances and new friends who are on an epic 2 week road trip adventure. They got in after I was already asleep but I was able to hang out the next day when I got off work for some beers and massive amounts of food.


The worst thing about having your birthday on a holiday is that your best friend is out of town with her husband’s family.  The best thing about having your birthday on a holiday is that everyone gets the day off work and it’s a long weekend. My birthday weekend was the perfect mixture of relaxation, alcohol, and productivity. We went out dancing, ate delicious brunch, and got super silly but we also built two raised beds, planted some seeds, built a picnic table, and cleared out the massive forrest that was growing in the juniper behind our house. I can look back on my birthday weekend and see smiles, but I can also feel really good that it is getting us closer to our goals and making our house look just a little prettier for the wedding. Pictures of each project will come but you can see a taste of the raised beds on the farm’s new facebook page!

The best part was the people though. Our friends Ben and Cass (soon to be blogging on moved in to our downstairs apartment that week and Jake (the best house guest ever) came in to town that Wednesday. I am just really grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people and feel really extraordinarily lucky. Plus my mama bought me real number candles. When is the last time you blew out a cake with your age on it? We are usually too lazy for that. 🙂





<3 Jessa

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