Farm Dog Redeemed

14 Mar, 2015

You may have read my last post regarding my first experience with Dolce’s new farm dog status and been wholly disgusted – like I was. Her escapades have continued, but recently she redeemed herself in our household and re-earned her spot at the foot of the bed.

The spot that used to be the dining room is now being used as our office. I was in there on the phone with a student’s parent when I noticed that Dolce was staring up at our kitchen counter and whining. It was annoying but I ignored it. The next time I looked over, her paws were UP on the counter top and the whining was continuing. I was SHOCKED. She has been trained to ignore the kitchen and never puts herself up on our furniture like that! I should have known that something was up but instead I just looked for food, which there was none of, and shook my finger at her.

The next time I looked over Wayne has black gloves on his hands and is carrying around a reusable shopping bag oddly, while Dolce stares. Can you guess what was happening? There was a mouse in our kitchen! I’m not the kind of girl who gets squeamish about rodents – this mouse was super cute actually. I totally wanted to keep it for a pet but it certainly could not just run around on our kitchen counter. So I position myself at one end of the counter and Wayne starts to chase it to my side. That silly adorable mouse did not want to go into my loving hands and instead jumped off the counter and tried to run away. Less than a second later that mouse disappeared. I might not have known where the mouse went, it happened so fast, were it not for the teeny bit of tail curled around Dolce’s lower lip. I wish I had gotten a picture, it was like a cartoon. Instead of stopping for a photo-op I immediately rushed over and grabbed her mouth with both hands and shook the mouse out of it so that Wayne could scoop it up and put it outside. It was unharmed and still totally adorable, I wish he had let me pet it first.

Farm Dog 1

So now Dolce has her first farm chore – house mouse alert!

<3 Jessa


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  • The Vegan Gypsy

    She is absolutely adorable and should be quite proud of her accomplishment! <3

    • Jessa Carpenter

      She definitely is! In fact, she is eager to repeat the feat, as I think there might be a mousy hiding in our utility room by the way she is intensely snuffling around. 🙂

      <3 Jessa