Friday Favorites – Holiday Edition

11 Dec, 2015

You know that rule of thumb parents use to get presents for children? One thing to wear, one thing to read, one thing you want, and one thing you need. I’m following that from now on. 🙂


To Wear: 

Rose gold sequined leggings ALL DAY. Leggings are my whole life.

This mustard knitted loop scarf is on super sale for only $13.

To Read:

Policy and Laws impact so so much. I really love this one example of how people are encouraging one another to care about the policies that impact them and their communities. Plus it has to do with farming and food so…

Incarceration and education are sort of hot-topic areas to me. Education during imprisonment reduces recidivism by 43% and I could not be more excited that Pell Grants are going to be made available to qualified inmates in a test run at certain correctional facilities. This could have a direct impact on the lives of not just the offenders and ex-offenders, but also their families and children. RISE UP.

You Want:

We got this little snail speaker as a wedding gift and I have used it SO MUCH. It is adorable, it travels anywhere because it’s waterproof and suction cupped, and it works really well! Plus it’s only $30. Worth it.

I don’t think this is practical at all but I want these agate coasters. I just want tons of natural stone and wood and materials around me but I’m worried that setting down a glass on this will make a big clink or even crack them? Does anyone have these? Please educate me.

You Need: 

We have 3 king sized beds in our house and only 3 sets of king sheets. We definitely need a backup. Those aren’t cheap but they are so gorgeous!

We need a coffee table and if I had an extra grand hanging around, I would buy this one. It’s gorgeous and industrial looking and I could put such beautiful little bits and bobs in it.


I had to write this post because I have legit not thought about Christmas gifts at all. I’m in the spirit, I swear! We bought our tree the day after thanksgiving and had several cozy fires in the fireplace but gifts? Meh. I’m hoping this list kickstarts my own shopping.

<3 Jessa

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  • Stephanie Gauzens

    I would not combine natural stone coasters and a table with a glass top. The biggest problem I’ve experienced is a glass sweating, the coaster sticking to the bottom of the glass, and then – halfway up – gravity wins, coaster falls to table, coaster and/or table are ruined.

    • Jessa Carpenter

      Yeah, it seems so impractical but I still want it. Ah, consumerism – amiright?