Full House

2 Jul, 2015

There is nothing that fills my heart more than being in a place I love, surrounded by people I love. It’s even better when I can host them, or somehow provide them with their own comfortable space. Time and time again, this little future farm/big house that we bought is giving me the opportunity to feel that way. It’s amazing how many people want to come visit you when you don’t live in the Armpit of America anymore. Having friends and family over is also a really good excuse to play tourist in our own city, especially because it’s a new city to us as well. One of our most recent visitors is my good friend Sabrina, who does a really good job of bringing out the silliest, dancing-est, least home-body version of me. Your proof?




That’s in the middle of my very first Durham dance party with a new friend/friend-crush that Sabrina introduced me to. Matching plant related half-sleeves 4TW. Also that is hands down the most attractive picture of me I will ever post on this blog. There is no beating that. We also did fun touristy and vacationy things like head to the Museum of Science and Life and watch chicken TV while drinking beer.





Then we went thrifting like only girls who have unique fashion tastes but are super cheap know how to go thrifting. We were looking for clothes but also for some #riotouswedding related dishware and “centerpiece” inspiration. Centerpiece is in quotation marks because can you really imagine me with traditional centerpieces? If you can, you aren’t paying attention.





We also went to a pretty amazing Lindsey Stirling concert at Red Hat Amphitheater and sat around being very giggly. It was generally a pretty awesome time.  It is such a good reminder that we chose the right place to build this life of ours. There is an easy to access airport so people will visit, oodles of culture and music and good food, and yet it’s slower paced and super green and open to this sort of counter culture idea. This week our friend Jake is in town so I can’t wait to find out more about Raleigh and Durham!







<3 Jessa




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