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22 Apr, 2015

On our first full (startingat1pm) day in Germany we took a long walk around old town. We found a beautiful cathedral with imposing statuary and an adorable door knocker and I was compelled to rub noses with it. It might have been the “takeaway beer” we were all consuming. Because walking around with beer is a NOVELTY! Yay drunk tourists!



From the castle walls the night before we had spotted some sort of ferris wheel and we assumed it to be a permanent tourist installation, like the London Eye. When we asked the locals they were SO confused until they realized we were talking about Volksfest, a traveling beer tent/carnival situation. Uh. Yes please.

These photos were taken from the vast Germany trip photo library of my beautiful friend Erin of JezzabellGem Cosplay.

The worst part of Volksfest, and Germany/Europe in general, is the amount of second hand smoke I inhaled by walking around town. The best part of Volksfest is the beer tent, obviously. It’s located dead in the center of the carnival and I decided to go in while everyone was grabbing sausage snacks because I heard music. What I found was so so so wonderful that it can only be expressed by video.


Yes friends, those are true blue Germans dressed in traditional liderhosen (why?) dancing on tables to the American classic: Cotton Eye Joe. Life just doesn’t get much better than that. I’m going to leave you with that nugget. More to come.

<3 Jessa



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