Happy Birthday to My Mamadukes

20 Oct, 2015

My mama is one of my best friends. She has been testing in ways that I wish she had never been tested and she has been strong in ways I could have never imagined. She raised me to be independent, and strong like her. She raised me to rely on myself and no one else but since Jamie died sometimes I feel like we are holding one another up, like a ladder holds itself up with it’s two legs.

My mama used to wake me up for school by rubbing my back softly, and then 15 minutes later she would come do it again because I always wanted to sleep more. She would make me tomato soup with crushed saltines and grilled cheese when I was sad. She supported me when I decided I wanted to stop eating meat, even though that must have seemed really foreign to her.

My mama went horseback riding with me, took me on hundred mile yard sales with her, and let my friends throw me a really ridiculous barely legal 18th birthday party where everyone was dressed in lingerie and nudie mags were taped into a tablecloth. My mama is fun, she is wild, she is determined, and I am so glad that she is mine.

Happy  Birthday Mama. I can’t believe you are turning 35 again!










<3 Jessa

Gorgeous photos taken by Tim Beckford of I Heart New York Photography.


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