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14 Oct, 2015

When I was a child my family belonged to this thing called the Florida Indian Hobbyist Association. It seems like total appropriation now, but before I knew about those things it was the highlight of my year.  Every year my family and about 40 others would go camping in Fort Wilderness (it’s a Walt Disney campground) with our tipis. Yep, tipis. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories. My sister and I would run around on the playground, play tetherball, and visit the big trading post for Mickey things. I remember vividly being taught how to bake apples in the neighbor’s dutch oven over a real fire.

As traditions sometimes do, that tipi was packed away and has not been unfurled for at least a decade. When we bought this house I asked my dad if I could have it and he brought it up with him when he came for our wedding. He set it up in our pasture and after the party several drunk guests found dubious refuge in it.

That weekend Wayne decided to put the tipi on AirBnB on a whim, with legit one cell phone photo and a small description that it was on a relatively remote corner of our property with access to our private pond. Within days it was booked, and then booked again, and then booked again. We bought it a camp stove, built it a composting toilet, and broke out the old camp dishes that my family used to use all those Thanksgivings ago. I even found a gorgeous double dream catcher at the thrift store to hang.

Having strangers on our property is so far really freaking cool and a little hard. You never know how well or how poorly you will vibe with someone, or what little things they might do that seem careless or disrespectful to you. Alternately you never know what really amazing people can bring exactly what you needed that day into your life: encouragement about your farm dream, appreciation of this odd little piece of your background, or a smiling happy baby to snuggle for a few hours. Anyways, so far I’m glad we’re doing this and I’m excited to share our life and our farm with people in the future in this small way – since long term roommates is not really our scene.



tipi with cot






set up



Check us out and come camp with us. 🙂

<3 Jessa




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