Munich & Biergartens & Flowers, oh my!

1 May, 2015

Usually when I tag along on one of Wayne’s work trips we don’t have very much time to explore together and I am on my own a lot. We finally learned our lesson on this trip and planned some time on the weekend BEFORE his super intense allmeetingsallthetime work week. The Sunday before all of that work we hopped on a train to Munich, which was only an hour away. We didn’t have a ton of time so we focused on visiting the official Hofbrau House, taking one of those tourist busses that shows you all of the sights very quickly, and walking around town slowly. Munich has probably the most delicious food I had in Germany.

I should note that it is much MUCH cheaper to plan your trips rather than just hopping on a train one day. What should have cost us $35 Euro instead cost us $110 Euro – so this time spontaneity did not win.







munich angel

Germany 3






Apparently that last one is how I look at Wayne when I’m confused about what he is doing. I thought it was funny. 🙂 It’s amazing to me that people in Europe just chill on the lawns of these hundreds of year old places on a sunny day, or work in them. I wonder if they daily appreciate the history and architecture or if it’s become too normal for them. Also, I’m not sure what the big O is but it looked important so we took a picture with it. #tourist.

<3 Jessa

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