New habits

23 Feb, 2016

Things are starting to warm up here in North Carolina. I actually wore shorts outside this weekend to try to get a little sun on these Casper white gams of mine and shaved my legs without immediately getting spiky again. Ladies, you feel me, right?

Spring and warmth always feels like a beginning and since I am going to have a ton going on this Spring I suppose my mind and heart are starting to plan for it NOW, as the sun heats up the earth a little bit at a time. In that mindset I am trying to cultivate a few new habits that can make my life more pleasant and intentional.

Be Loving

I’ll admit it – I’m sometimes guilty of being judgmental and sarcastic. When you look a mess on social media I have, in the past, gotten petty. “Is she pregnant already?” “Wasn’t he just talking about his engagement two minutes ago?” Yep, PETTY. For the past month I have been trying to catch myself and immediately correct my thoughts. When I see someone who looks beautiful or who accomplished something I immediately praise them. When I see someone hurting I offer my words of support or a reminder that they are not alone.

This has legit caused a huge change in my mind and heart. Not only am I praising other people but I am praising myself. When I am scared that I will fail at farming I remind myself, just like I am reminding other people, that we are strong. Support and kindness are becoming my very first impulses rather than hate and judgment. I am practicing love and fostering self love.


I’ve been using a bullet journal (with varying levels of success) for a month and a half now and it has allowed me to stop planning and planning and planning for a unspecified future. Instead, I focus on today and the immediate future while keeping long term plans in the background. It’s a lot harder to be stressed about these huge long term goals when I have small, achievable, short term goals that I can accomplish and feel GOOD about.

Since Wayne has started working in the office again we have hard some difficulty dealing with dinners and lunches. I don’t know why it’s different but we are both pretty tired when we get home at 7pm and have been going to bed much earlier. One thing that has helped me a ton is to prepare one freezer meal every weekend. Last week it was soups and this past weekend I made burritos. I turn on some music, pour myself a glass (or two) of wine, and cook a nice big delicious meal. It is legit so pleasant.

Make the Bed

There is a ton of research that this is the best way to start your day and I am… yet to be convinced. So far it does help keep Dolce’s dirt off of our sheets, which is a huge plus. Farm+dog=strange smells and dirt. Today I caught her gnawing on a deer’s lower leg. Hoof and all. Where the hell did she get that?

I guess it also helps me to notice when our bedroom is reaching critical mess level because the nice bed is a foil to the piles of clothes. What do you think about this? Am I missing something?

<3 Jessa


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