One Word Update

15 Jun, 2015

Do you remember when I told you that home was my #oneword15? My word is intentionally big and vague and all encompassing because there are so many ways that I want to improve in this area. So how have I done so far?


Well, the house is still a mess most of the time but I am spending a lot more time cleaning and organizing than I used to, and that time usually makes me happy. Seeing the product (acleanroom, freshsmellinglaundry, etc) and knowing how it makes the people in my house feel is really satisfying. Especially since Wayne is basically a crankypants when things are dirty. It also helps that we have had a ton of visitors because you know I need my home to be relatively picked up for visitors.

Wayne and I have gotten the wind back in our sails regarding home renovations after quite a long hiatus where we were frustrated and overwhelmed. About a month ago the framing and the electrical was completed for the bathroom. Three weeks ago we completed the subfloor (mostly he completed the subfloor) of the no longer pink guest bathroom and last week he started the plumbing. Plus, before my mom moved in I set up and decorated the guest bedroom and I think it’s actually quite beautiful. Then Wayne’s mom and dad (AKA renovators extraordinaire and all around all things home related bad-asses) came and we got SO MUCH accomplished. Pictures to come.

You might have noticed from my instagram but my mama and grandma moved into our home a while ago. It’s a temporary thing but I am really enjoying getting to spend more time with them. We also found out recently that two of our favorite people are going to be moving to North Carolina and they are going to be very close! I guarantee you’ll see more of them and their big project around July and I am so freaking excited. It’s happening ya’ll. My pseudo-hippie notacommune buttotallyaneighborhood is coming together!

I can improve, because I’ve still got 6 months left! I still need to focus on decorating and organizing our home. Part of the reason it gets so messy is because of renovations and pets but also because there isn’t a solid organizational plan because everything is kind of in flux. I really want to focus on Wayne’s office next because he spends so much time in there and it’s a really key space for him. Also, I want to work on maintaining my lady relationships from afar. I’ve been calling a lot more than I used to but I bet they would love some letters and love gifts. And then, in September there’s the wedding at our home, which I’m really excited and nervous about. I’m not focusing on perfection but I do want everyone to feel comfortable and happy that day – including me. 🙂

<3 Jessa


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