Our Annual Pilgrimage

15 Jan, 2016

When Wayne and I first started dating more than 5 years ago things happened quickly and life with him was easy and good. In those early days when we were living together despite having known each other for only a short time it felt like there was a lot to learn. Now I feel like I know him almost as well as I know myself, I can predict how he will react to a certain suggestion and ride out the swell of his moods. But in those early days we jumped at the chance to get to know one another on a little trip to Disney World for the Food and Wine Festival. When I told Wayne how much I had enjoyed the experience in previous years he jumped at the chance. Food? Alcohol? This is totally our thing.

We have been back every year since. This year was the first that we considered not going. I didn’t have very many vacation days left after our trip to Germany and this is, of course, the first year we didn’t live in Florida so we had a flight to add to the expense. Also, our normally decent savings account was pretty nonexistent after purchasing a home, starting renovations, and planning a wedding. We ultimately decided, though, that this trip is important to us. It is perhaps the one tradition that has never been upended and, though we have gone with many different groups of people, one that we always enjoy SO MUCH. We decided to prioritize it over other, more adult things.

This year we had a really cool new surprise. An old friend of mine works in Hollywood Studios now and we met up with him to go see the last year of the Osborne Family’s Festival of Lights. I didn’t even know these existed so I’m obviously not the Disney fanatic so many of my friends are. 🙂 They were awe inspiring and I cannot even explain the joy I felt when I found the perfect spot from which to enjoy the snow machine.


Group Lights

Then Arie and Wayne managed to convince Sabrina and I to ride a few terrifying rides. You can tell by my ridiculous faces how much I like these things right? We’re middle left on the Tower of Terror ride; Right side is really not bringing it in this photo!

tower of terror

rock roll

Arie and that kid in her seat behind us are really enjoying this. I’m dying. Obviously.

If you haven’t been, the Food & Wine Festival is held in Epcot. Little stalls that serve food and beverages meant to represent each country are served from them and there are a ton of countries represented. The lines are long, the food is surprisingly delicious, and it’s kind of hard to get tipsy with all the walking and waiting. We always seem to manage, but it is a tiring day.

epcot beginning


Fake Germany has a great hall just like real Germany did but is much less raucous. Wayne and I pin trade like small children and it’s one of my favorite things but obviously we’re the only ones. 🙂

downton abbey


There are opportunities for silly picture taking alone the way and the permanent countries have really awesome stores explicitly for buying that country’s merchandise and taking silly pictures. Like this ogre in Norway.


By the end of the night we are usually pretty tired and ready to retire to our airBnB or hotel room for the snacks we thoughtfully bought beforehand. Because we are pros at this.


<3 Jessa

PS Send us your dates if you want to meet up on our annual Pilgrimage in 2016! We would love to explore with you!



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