Quiet Time

14 Dec, 2015

Our wedding week memories are distinctly split in my mind between quiet time and riotous laughter. Some of my favorite moments are chronicled right here. Getting ready with my lady friends, sipping champagne, our casual “first look”, and the anticipation of our entrance to the party. I know that it was a celebration of Wayne and I’s love to one another but it also felt extraordinarily like a celebration of our love for everyone that was there and their celebration of love for us.

This first picture is not pretty (through no fault of the photographer) but it is so wonderful to me. Tim caught us in a moment of peace, in our unrenovated future kitchen with the windows open and the dog at our feet. We are chatting and looking at the wedding hashtag #puttingonthewitz to see how our friends are enjoying Durham and spending their day.



Leaning in

Made Up






First Look 2

First Look

From the Doorway 2

From the Doorway

From the Doorway 3

From the Doorway 4

Grand Entrance 1

Grand Entrance 2

Grand Entrance 3

If this post is a little vain forgive me. This blog is as much my interest in chronicling my memories as it is my chance to share a little love in the world. Plus, that train! When I look at these pictures I feel incredibly grateful that I am surrounded now, more than ever, by really wonderful , loving, supportive women. I can’t imagine what I did to deserve them but I am so happy I have them.

<3 Jessa


PS. All photos by Tim Beckford (who is really fancy and fabulous for real!), currently of I Heart New York Photography.

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