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15 Apr, 2016

Well, I did it. Item # 24 on my 30 before 30 list was “Quit my office job” and I did it. 4 weeks ago was my last day as an Academic Advisor at Wake Tech Community College and since then I have been farming full time and trying to get healthy (with varying levels of success). I legit miss these people.

wake tech

I have to say, it was incredibly stressful to ultimately quit – but also really exciting. Which is basically how I feel all the time regarding starting a small business. It is the most exciting and most difficult thing I think I’ve ever done. About once a week I freak out that I don’t have enough plants started or they aren’t growing quickly enough or – basically just choose anything I could be stressed over. The rest of the week is spent working hard – incredibly hard. I struggle with the tractor – she and I are still getting to know one another. I create (again, with varying levels of success) hundreds of soil blocks. I sit hunched in the dirt planting potato and onion starts. Also I’m super fashionable lately…

My hands look 10 years older than I am but I have a tan and I’ve lost 7 lbs. A farmer’s tan, specifically. Wayne made fun of me the other day because he saw my arms next to my bare belly and the difference was striking. Also, incredibly, I haven’t had hives in almost two weeks after a round of steroids the doctors gave me. I feel… normalhealthylikei’mnotgoingcrazy. It’s amazing. The steroids are meant to tamp down and reset your immune system, which it did. As a result I got a really bad head cold and lost a whole week of farming. It was all I could do to water the things I had planted and clean a little around the house which made me feel extra bad and lazy, but what are you gonna do right? This was only 6 weeks after my last bout with the cold and it seems insane that I am sick every month so I am doing research on immune boosters and trying to eat lots of good whole foods.  If you have advice, send it my way.

In extraordinary and terrific news my very first round of CSA shares are 3/4 sold! I opened them to signups only 2 weeks ago and already 15 of the 20 shares are gone. I feel so lucky to have support from so many different outlets and 15 people excited to become members of my tribe. I hope to spoil them but it is going to be my top priority not to disappoint them. That means planting all the things and planning for a few surprises. I may go overboard this first go-round but hopefully no one is disappointed by MOAR VEGGIES.

raised bed

More to come. It’s been a while, so I wanted to do a quick update since my world is completely different than it was last time I wrote. Tune in for pictures of tiny chickens and yummy veggies and life. And thank you – for all of your support and well wishes and positivity. I feel so lucky.

<3 Jessa


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