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Renovation Inspiration: Guest Bath

11 Mar, 2015

We finally  have the guest bathroom down to the studs and the floor is up. Who would have guessed that beneath all of that pink tile was 2 inches of mud (heavy, hard to break, kind of like concrete mud) that needed to be broken up and carried away? ANSWER: a professional contractor. But not us. Tonight we CLEAN.

Actually, I clean while Wayne makes a drawing of all of the electrical and plumbing changes that need to be made and does research on the tools he needs to do it. We all have our skill sets, right?

With the room all bare and empty it’s hard to envision what will be going in it’s place so I thought I would share some of the pictures and ideas that have inspired our vision for the guest bathroom. Links are below the collage but all of the ideas came from our Pinterest and Houzz renovation boards.

Bath Collage



1. I pretty much love every room in this house but this bathroom cabinet is amazing. Wayne is going to build something similar himself!

2. Here is a DIY for some pretty cool industrial lighting. Our bathroom will feature distressed wood and industrial finishes.

3. This bathroom is just beautiful and relaxing. We have found a light wood grain porcelain tile that we love and we’ll continue that into the stand up shower area just like they do here.

We’re also considering a non-white bathtub (but also not pink like the old one), a walk in shower that doesn’t use glass, and a chandelier! What do you think?

<3 Jessa

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