Storm the Castle

7 May, 2015

We did not meet any enemies on this day but we did get to explore the castle that we stormed. By stormed I mean we walked slowly up the very steep hill at the entrance and paid the entrance fee.



2015-04-14 10.54.13


2015-04-14 10.49.05


What I really love about all the things in Germany we saw is how thorough the museums and historical exhibits were. Above you see me with one of the archers in the historical weapons part of the castle exhibits – which was awesome. imreallygoodatscrunchingmyface



2015-04-14 10.15.05


2015-04-14 09.41.20


2015-04-14 10.19.26


For this post I stole many pictures from my friend and Wayne’s coworker Kyle Adams because he is a much better photographer/adventurer than I am. Also, I basically took the above picture because I am in love with that candle holder and need it in my home.




The above well took 7 years to dig if I remember correctly and was 47 meters deep. For those of you following along who don’t remember your middle school conversion rates that like 154 feet. WHOA. We got to watch those candles go all the way down and back up, and the man of the well poured water down so that we could hear how long it took to hit. This was really a lot cooler than I thought it would be.  It and the tower that you can see in some of the pictures were pretty unscathed in the Allied Forces bombing of 1945 because this castle was considered a waypoint for the soldiers. If they had bombed the castle they might not have been able to accurately pinpoint where else to bomb. Whoa, right?




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