The Girls (We Hope)

20 Jun, 2015

A while ago we decided to go visit Wayne’s parents in middleofnowhere Tennessee (Tazewell). They recently bought and moved into a fixer-upper as a retirement project and WOW, what a project it is. The pictures really did not do the house justice, quite honestly, and when Kate first told us how bad it was I was all “oh, it’s fine” and “didn’t you expect that?”  She’s blogging about the experience and you should definitely see this because it is a total gut job and you will be so impressed at the general bad-assery of my in-laws.


Wayne and I went prepared to work since they have come to help us with our renovations twice now but, it turns out, when you’ve been working on house renovations all week sometimes you want to just enjoy your son and daughter-in-laws company and a few beers on the weekend. Suits us just fine. 🙂


Then Kate took us to a flea-market, which looked quite a bit like tent city, because Kate and Big Wayne and I all have bargain hunting in common. Little Wayne (yes, he’s called that) did not get that gene. You can tell by looking at our Amazon puchase history. When we pulled up he said “This is definitely the most redneck thing I’ve ever done.” I have my doubts.

All along the outside of this flea market are people selling animals. Goats, roosters, one lone kitten, several hound puppies, baby ducklings, tiny piglets, and rabbits. Plus the new additions to our household:




Two Rhode Island Reds named Lucy and Ethel and two baby Guineas (I hope they are hens) named Rommel and Patton. They are the cutest babies and have already grown so much (except Patton but I hear he was a small guy). I had already begun building a chicken coop in anticipation of the hens I wanted so badly but they had to live inside for a week because they were so small and there was no roof on their house. This past weekend Kate helped me finish the coop after much swearing and sweating. Now my new babies have their own home. 

<3 Jessa



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