9 Feb, 2016

Welp, I’m sick again. And not just all hives all the time like I mentioned in this post but also sick sick. I blame our friend Chris because I drank from his cup on accident at dinner last weekend and I have to blame someone. I should really blame my shit immune system, because how is it possible to be this sick all the time?

Anyways, right now when it doesn’t feel like I’m swallowing shards of glass  or going up and down in an airplane I’m working on farm stuff. What that mostly  means is planning, planning, and more planning – and working on the application for a farm loan. It also means seeking out the right advice from the right people. I found an irrigation expert through the local extension office and a regional sales rep with Johnny’s Seeds who is promising to help me pick out varieties that are good for North Carolina. How is it that people are so kind and supportive? I keep thinking that I must have done some really wonderful things in my life to deserve to be surrounded by people who calm my fears and provide all the answers.

I also submitted my resignation paperwork at work, which is terrifying and more than a little sad. I never would have expected (after such a negative environment in my last work space) to find coworkers that make me laugh and give good advice and support one another. My supervisor legit rocks and I really do love this job, so it is hard that I am leaving so soon (March 11th, official last day). But now is the time to focus on creating the life we want so badly, and to spend more time taking care of myself and my family. My immune system is certainly telling me that changes have to be made.

The other update is that we had our requisite 5 days of snow here in North Carolina which I think could turn out to be my favorite time of year every year. It’s just magical (science = magic right?). This year we spent it being lazy, eating comfort foods, playing cards. I spent a lot of time needlessly worrying about the chickens who looked so cute in the snow. They kept tucking one little foot up into their down comforters/feathers to warm it and then switching.
snow chickens

snow sun

We also went to Nashville, but that’s news for another day.

<3 Jessa

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