You want me to go where?

13 Apr, 2015

In the middle of your 8th hour of traveling together you start to think this was a bad idea. You aren’t sweating but you don’t feel clean, your deodorant has worn off and your outfit choice is no longer as comfortable as it was when you carefully planned it out. You start to question your whole relationship because if you have to deal with this man stealing all of the armrest for one more movie you’ll scream. Germany can’t be worth all of this right? All you want to do is SLEEP, but for some reason you can never sleep while sitting upright. And why won’t the stewardess at least bring you more wine so this is at least more pleasant!?

I exaggerate slightly but most of that is totally accurate for me. On every international flight I find myself questioning whether I should have even gone on this trip. Traveling is so expensive and so unpleasant. But once you arrive and have slept a few hours, and gotten back your inevitably lost baggage and managed a shower… once you feel alive again you can appreciate the whole ZOMGiminanothercountry thing. Then all that traveling was totally worth it (at least until the return trip but we won’t think about that yet).

I have never been to Germany, and I am not often in a country where I do not have a passing knowledge of one of their main languages. It’s disorienting and wonderful, because you often have to rely on the kindness of strangers – whom you can barely even speak to. The human experience is just so visceral when two people do not speak the same language. Here’s a look into just our first short day (itotallywokeupat4pm).

River Haus

The river haus just outside of our AirBnB.


Our first dinner at the base of the castle. I had delicious veggie schnitzel.




Cory and Erin at the castle.


Wayne and I at the castle with Nuremberg in the background.

Panorama of Nuremberg at night.

Panorama of Nuremberg at night.

<3 Jessa



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